Bed and Breakfast Dublin

    Dublin, rich with Irish culture making you step back and admire the people around you. Though the town still shows significant heritage, it has transformed into a true European metropolis. Discover the history, diversity and nightlife from your Bed and Breakfast Dublin accommodation and open yourself up to the city.

    Grafton Street

    Grafton street, one of Dublin’s two principal shopping streets, houses a handful of the city’s most exciting highlights. Beginning with the Old Library, built between 1712 and 1732. The Book of Kells, a manuscript of the four Gospels of the New Testament, is the library’s most precious and famous book. Besides the Old Library, Grafton streets houses the Trinity College and the Chester Beatty Library making it the perfect area for an intellectual and cultural trip.

    Merrion Square

    Merrion Square is the place to be for art and culture lovers as it houses two of Dublin’s main galleries and museums. Starting with the National Gallery, home to the works of Jack B Yeats, Caravaggio and many more. The second highlight of the square is the National Museum of Ireland, filled with archaeological treasures. The town’s other main gallery, the Dublin City Gallery, can be found in North of the Liffey.

    Visiting an Irish pub

    When in Dublin, you cannot miss the opportunity to go to a real Irish pub and sample a Guiness. Luckily for you, this town is full of them. John Mulligan’s dates back to 1782 and is seen as Dublin’s most popular pubs, making it a cultural sight that should definitely should be on your to-do list. Book a B&B close to the iconic bar on Bed and Breakfast Dublin and become one of the regulars!

    AirBnB Dublin or a Bed and Breakfast Dublin?

    When looking for a place to stay in Dublin many would consider an AirBnB Dublin accommodation. Bed and Breakfast Dublin also offers properties all over the city that will make for a perfect place to sleep. The hospitality and personal attention of the owners will give you a pleasant and cosy feeling, something that cannot be found at an AirBnB Dublin.