Bed and Breakfast Winterberg

    This winter resort town, located in the west of the country, is known for its adventurous opportunities including ski-slopes and walking trails. Get active during the cold winter months on the St. George ski jump or warm up in the West German Winter Sports Museum while viewing winter sport equipment from decades ago. Book a Bed and Breakfast Winterberg accommodation for the perfect place to stay in on your holiday!

    Skiing in Winterberg

    Where else would you want to spend your winter holiday than in the snow? The magic of spending the holidays in a snowy resort, is that you'll always have a white Christmas. When you're not celebrating this magical holiday, you'll probably find yourself on one of the ski slopes. Winterberg offers many of those including the ones on the famous Kahler Asten. Reach the slopes with the Skikarusselll Altastenberg and start your winter fun! Fancy a hot chocolate after all that fun in the cold? The bar in your B&B from Bed and Breakfast Winterberg welcomes you.

    Fort Fun Abenteuerland

    If there is one thing the Germans know all about, it's fun. Where else would you find an exciting theme park next to mountains with endless winter sport opportunities? The Fort Fun Abenteurland theme park offers a nice variety in your holiday activities. You might find the water rides to be closed during the colder times of the year but there will still be plenty of fun roller coasters and amusement activities!

    Even more fun!

    The fun doesn't end after skiing or going to a theme park; the German town has even more to offer. The Winterberg bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton track is one of the main tourist attractions as well. The famous turn seven, being the only corporate sponsorship turn of its kind in the world, is a nice landmark for the tiny town.

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    Germany has proved to be an excellent destination for winter fun during the holidays, and Winterberg is no exception to that rule. Are you getting excited to spend your winter holidays in this cosy and exciting resort town? Book a B&B on Bed and Breakfast Winterberg and start planning your trip!