Bed and Breakfast Antwerp

    Are you planning a trip to one of Belgium’s most beautiful, entertaining, and exciting cities, plus considering staying in a comfortable Bed and Breakfast? Wait no longer. Visit the many museums and sights that make this town to be one of the most special in Europe from a Bed and Breakfast Antwerp. The city’s history dates back to the Middle Ages, making it highly cultural as well. That being said, take a look at our full assortment and book your perfect B&B!

    Visiting museums from your Bed and Breakfast Antwerp

    This Belgium municipality, and its nine entities, also offer you a great insight into its culture and history. Visit the ‘Onze-Lieve-Vrouwenkathedraal’ to view some of the town’s oldest architecture. Go to the Antwerp City Hall, which was built in 1565 and still shows some of the finest renaissance stylings. Or take a trip to the famous Antwerp Zoo if you want to get away from your B&B for a bit.

    Antwerp’s central station and travel opportunities

    Like many others in Europe, this city offers a great infrastructure, making it rather easy for you to complete all activities from the chosen Bed and Breakfast Antwerp. The Belgium metropolis is also known for its Central Station, which was finished in 1905 and designed by Louis Delacenserie.

    The European capital of fashion

    Many know Antwerp as the capital of fashion. This comes from sights such as the ‘Royal Academy of Fine Arts’ and the fashion department. So, if you’re visiting ‘the diamond’ of Belgium for clothing, make-up, shoe, or vogue-related reasons, book a Bed and Breakfast Antwerp nearby the most fashionable sights.

    The Grote Markt and architecture

    Antwerp’s old town is signified by ‘De Grote Markt’ on the central square of the old town. The market also typifies the old Flemish Renaissance style the city is known for. This architectural style can also be seen in the Ruben’s House or one of the many Diamond Houses you can find both within and outside the center. Thus, complete your visit with a trip to one or more of these significant and beautiful places.