Bed and Breakfast Bruges

    The fact that Bruges is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List is not surprising; this world-famous city is filled with historical buildings, charming squares, and channels crossed by romantic bridges. In addition, Bruges offers numerous chocolate stores, pubs, and delightful B&Bs. Looking for accommodation? Check out Bed and Breakfast Bruges to find your perfect BnB!

    “Venice of the North”

    Bruges is known for its small canals all over the inner city and the beautiful bridges that come with them. A variety of boat trips offer a unique alternative to exploring the city and viewing all the popular sights like the Belfort and St. Janshospital. The 5 different places to get on the boat make for flexibility in your trip.

    Unique tasteful market

    Bruges’ market is located within walking distance of the many historical sights. You will find the symbolic statue of local heroes Jan Breydel and Pieter de Coninck in the middle of the square. The unique surroundings with cozy restaurants are easily accessible from many B&B’s in the center.

    Discover The Belfort Tower

    The medieval tower is one of Bruges’ ultimate highlights. Every hour, the 47 clocks make for a special carillon. Experiencing the view from the top of the Belfort is definitely something to put on your bucket list as well. Bed and Breakfast Bruges offers a complete overview of all available B&Bs in the area.

    Princely Beguinage Ten Wijngaerde

    The small white houses, dating back to 1245, are located by a small lake. The Beguinage is only accessible via the Wijngaerde bridge, which makes for a stunning scene. The oldest house is now used as a museum showing 17th-century life as the Beguinage houses are still representative of this period of time.

    Bruges with a historical twist

    The auto-free zone in the center gives Bruges a special and tasteful vibe. You will also still find remains of the town ramparts. We recommend the 4 well-maintained town-gates: Kruispoort, Smedenpoort, Ezelpoort, and Gentpoort. Choose your favorite BnB within or outside of the city on Bed and Breakfast Bruges.