Bed and Breakfast Palermo

    Having been invaded numerous times by conquerors from various civilisations, Palermo has an unequivocally checkered history. A bridge between Europe and Arabia, the city is a melting pot of styles and culture, evident in its architecture and food. Stay in a Bed and Breakfast Palermo and embark on a Sicilian adventure.

    Treat your senses

    During your visit to a Bed and Breakfast Palermo, you simply cannot miss out on the wonderful street markets all over town. A cacophony of noise and aromas overload your senses with delights as you enter the souk-like Vucciria Market. Exotic food and spices will have you forgetting where you are. Be sure to sample the local Sicilian fried rice balls, Arancini. Delicious!

    Unspoilt Coastline

    You’re never far from the beach when you stay at a Bed and Breakfast Palermo. From sandy sunspots to rocky cliffs, there’s a beach for everyone. Go to the Mondello beach at sunrise to appreciate the natural beauty of the wild rock formations. Sip a cocktail at one of the glamorous beach bars at Addaura beach or go a little further afield to the nearby fishing village of Sferracavallo. A village frozen in time, sample the local seafood in one of the traditional restaurants.

    Top Attractions

    Palermo is filled with important buildings in an astounding variety of architectural styles. None more obvious than the Cathedral itself. Due to the various additions and extensions over its history, the Cathedral is now a unique ecclesiastical wonder. You might also want to visit the Teatro Massimo, the third largest Opera House in the world, made famous in the Godfather films. If you fancy something a little more grisly then a trip to the Catacombs is essential with over 800 perfectly preserved bodies on display providing an unrivalled macabre spectacle.

    AirBnB Palermo

    Perhaps you are considering an AirBnB Palermo for your holiday. A Bed and Breakfast Palermo can offer all the convenience and privacy of an AirBnB Palermo while also providing the security and comfort you get from having a dedicated staff on hand. Relax and enjoy your perfect Sicilian break.