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    The Mosque, the pride of Cordoba, is located in the center of the historic city and has been classified as one of the most beautiful examples of Muslim art in Spain, next to the Alhambra. From a wide range of B&B’s on Bed and Breakfast Cordoba, you will be within walking distance of this monument, which can be found on the UNESCO world heritage list.

    Local Pride: The Mosque

    The Cathedral Mosque of Cordoba is a mixture of styles ranging within nine centuries, which means that the mosque has had to be rebuilt and reformed several times. As a result of the Christian conquest, the cathedral was built inside. So, the monument turned out to be one in which the interior appearance is that of a labyrinth and impressive columns, with Byzantine mosaic decoration, carved marbles, and a baroque altarpiece touch.

    Islamic History and Monuments

    In addition to the Mezquita, Cordoba offers many more monuments that will teach you about the history and rich culture of the country. The Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, or the synagogue and the Jewish quarter are definitely worth a visit. All monuments and most important areas will be easily accessible from your Bed and Breakfast Cordoba.

    Modern shopping center

    Cordoba was the caliph city, the main city of the western world before the reconquest. Right now, it has a modern shopping center. We also offer BnB’s in the more modern part of the Spanish town. The town’s most beautiful part, however, is the historic center: the old cobbled streets of the city, the beautiful fountains and fresh flowers peeking around the terraces.

    AirBnB Córdoba

    You’re probably thinking of an AirBnB while looking for a place to stay in Cordoba. Well, our wide range of Bed and Breakfast Cordoba offers you a great alternative with a personal touch, efficiency, a cozy atmosphere, and security. In addition, all B&B’s are officially registered and your host will be able to advise you about the best places to visit and the most delicious delicacies to eat.