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    Finland above all is a country of magnificent nature and countless lakes. A paradise for aquatic sports fans, hikers, and cyclists. In addition, it has fun cities and interesting historical sites. Staying in a BnB from Bed and Breakfast Finland is the perfect way to get to know the country as a local!

    Helsinki and all its diversity

    Helsinki has a special intimate atmosphere. You can take beautiful strolls and cycle along the broad lanes and beautiful parks. A popular attraction in Helsinki is the town centre with nineteenth-century architecture in classic style, situated around the Senate Square and the beautiful white Helsinki Cathedral.

    Finland in the old days

    One of the most fascinating historical sites of Finland is the thirteenth-century castle of Turku, nowadays a museum. But everywhere in the South and Western parts of the country you can find traces of the old days, such as old timber churches. Recommendable for art lovers is the partially underground art centre Retretti in Punkaharju. Up North near Inari, above the Arctic Circle you can visit the Saamen Museo.

    Stunning nature and the Northern light

    Finland has tens of thousands of lakes and islands and it is one of the most forestry countries of Europe. In the South are many dense, hilly pine forests, interlaced with lakes whereas up North, the nature is very rough and savage. In northernmost part of the country you can watch the Northern lights during winter, and in the summer period, from June to mid-July you can see the midnight sun.

    Sports and recreation in Finland

    It is not surprising that Finland is a water sports paradise. But you can also take beautiful hikes and cycle tours, especially in the South. Here you find many nature reserves such as Seit Seminen near Ikaalinen and Ylöjärvi. Beloved winter sports destinations are Kuusamo and Ruka. Find BnB’s in all these places on Bed and Breakfast Finland!

    Perfect accommodations on Bed and Breakfast Finland

    Everywhere in Finland you can find gorgeous B&B’s. Stay in a monumental property or on a farm, in a mansion or modern villa, in the countryside or in the middle of town. Find your favourite unique B&B and book directly, without reservation costs.