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    Bed and Breakfast Greece

    Greece is the perfect holiday country. White beaches, a clear blue sea, white plaster villages, and ancient old temples: only a few of the many attractions that make this country so popular. The most well-known Greek islands are Kos, Rhodes, Crete, Corfu, Santorini, and Lesbos. Staying in a fantastic B&B from Bed and Breakfast Greece is the perfect way to get to know the country.

    B&B in Greece

    Zeus, Apollo, Pegasus, and the Trojan horse: mythological names coming from the Greek civilization far before Christ. Everywhere in Greece, you can find remains of that illustrious history. Like the beautiful temples on top of the Acropolis of Athens or the ruin field in Olympia. You definitely cannot miss the ruins of the sanctuary of Apollo in Delphi.

    Recreation in Greece

    Greece is a water sports paradise. There are lots of options for sailing or jet skiing. Diving and snorkelling can be done perfectly around Zakynthos, where the sea is deep and clear. The mountainous areas on the Greek mainland form nice recreational areas. Travel for example to Kozáni or Grevena for a hiking vacation through the Pindus Mountains. Complete your trip with a stay in a cozy BnB from Bed and Breakfast Greece!

    Bed and breakfast Greece

    Greece is greener than you might think. However, if you like beautiful walks amidst green nature, it’s better to visit the country during spring. The island of Corfu has widespread forests and many olive- and vineyards, which are covered with flowers in spring. Find paradise-like sandy beaches on Cephalonia, Lefkada, and Naxos.

    Eating and going out in Greece

    For vibrant nightlife, Kos, Rhodes, and Crete are the places to be. In Hersonissos on Crete and in Kos-town you can find numerous bars and restaurants, stages, and nightclubs. Enjoy the traditional Greek cuisine, known for its many meat dishes and fresh fish.

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