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    Thailand, or Siam as it used to be called, is by all means a unique country. The country is known for its huge diversity, consisting of fascinating Buddhist temples, spectacular tropical islands in the Gulf of Thailand, mind-blowing tropical forests up north, and the incredible city of Bangkok. A wide range of B&B’s is available for reservations on Bed and Breakfast Thailand!

    The country of the free

    With ‘Thai’ meaning ‘free man’, and ‘Thailand’ meaning ‘country of the free’, its name gives an accurate perception on the amazing experience its visitors go through. The country has obtained this name, after formerly being named Siam, by staying the only Southeastern Asian independent country going through a long period of colonialism in the area.

    Incredible wildlife

    The northern part of the country involves forested mountains and tons of exotic animal species. Incredible national parks with fascinating waterfalls, lots of rivers, and beautiful valleys, as well as Buddhist temples and the cities of Chiang Mai and Phitsanulok are to be discovered in the area. Go hiking, trekking, or bird watching in the area and get a chance to see the wildlife in the Chiang Mai Zoo as well as the elephant sanctuaries the provinces have to offer.

    Tropical coastline

    The incredible coastline in the southern part of Thailand is the ideal place if you’re looking to rest up on your trip. Discover the incredible area of Krabi and the mind-blowingly beautiful island of Phuket, where some of earth’s most beautiful coves, cliffs, and waterfalls are to be seen. White sand beaches, crystal blue waters, and steep cliffs make for a great place to go diving, kitesurfing, kayaking, and rock climbing. After sunset the fun doesn't stop though. Tons of bars will remain opened, so don’t worry about ordering a cocktail and have a fun evening to end off your day nicely.

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