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    Cyprus is a land full of controversial culture, never-ending beaches, mind-blowing myths, and impressive history. The charming country attracts all sorts of people because of its diversity in activities such as hiking and cultural highlights like Kyrenia’s Old Harbour. Cities like Larnaka, Lemesos, and Kyrenia are seen as the perfect holiday destinations. Book a B&B in your favorite area on Bed and Breakfast Cyprus and plan your perfect holiday!

    Pafos; History, Culture, Archaeology and more

    This city consists of two parts; Kato Pafos (Lower Pafos) and Ktima Pafos (Upper Pafos). Kato Pafos is where the main tourist attractions are located, Pafos Archaeological Site being the biggest and most popular one of them. In 2017, this city was named one of the two European Capitals of Culture. Ktima is the old center of the town and is seen as the calmer part of Pafos. The daily life of locals is combined with impressive architecture and cultural neighborhoods.

    Culinary highlights; Meze

    Meze, a similar meal as tapas, consists of several small dishes combined with suitable alcoholic drinks. It is one of the highlights of the Cyprian Cuisine and will be served in many of the restaurants found throughout the country. Cypriot cooking is highly influenced by Turkey, Greece, and the Middle East, making it a very diverse activity. For the perfect Meze experience, visit Zanettos Taverna; a high-class restaurant that has been going since 1938 and knows its way around the Cyprian dish.

    Popular cities and sights

    Visit the Ancient Kourion in Lemesos if you want to see archaeological excellence. The Zenobia, a ship that sank close to the coast of Larnaka, has been a highlight for divers since 1980, the year it sank. Or take a trip to the Kykkos Monastery in Marathasa Valley to view 11th-century architecture and culture. Find a B&B in all these areas on Bed and Breakfast Cyprus!

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