Why is bed & breakfast so popular?

bed & breakfast

A welcoming surprise, nice beds and a delicious breakfast are top qualities of a bed & breakfast.

Why is staying in a bed & breakfast so popular? That is a question we often get asked by journalists. The answer is simple: because it’s such a fun way of spending the night! There is not one B&B the same, so you always experience something special.

Bed & breakfast is trendy
Bed & breakfast has definitely shaken off its dusty image. We notice the trendiest B&B’s turning up: with theme rooms, design furniture or luxury wellness facilities. There are accommodations where you can attend a cooking workshop; in another B&B you can sleep in a studio between the paintings. No wonder young couples are becoming fans as well!

Vacation in your own country is okay!
We do it more often all the time: a short break with one or two overnight stays. There is so much to do in our own country! A bed & breakfast suits that perfectly. Wherever you want to go, there is always a B&B nearby.

Special properties
Bed & breakfasts are set up in old mills, house boats, stately monumental properties, log cabins, and former school buildings: You name it! A perfect chance to have a look inside that stately house in the capital city or in that mysterious monastery on the outskirts of the village.

Good value for money
Box-spring beds, a private bathroom and free internet: nowadays it’s more rule rather than an exception at B&B’s. In many accommodations you even have an entire apartment all to yourself, including a private terrace. That’s enjoying the luxury of a five star hotel for a much lower price.

Personal service
The most important charm of a bed & breakfast however remains the personal service. Don’t be surprised when the owner personally comes to get you from the train station or offers you freshly baked apple pie at arrival. Your hostess or host knows exactly where to find the best restaurants and can happily tell you all about the B&B-property. Add to this a fine bed and a delicious breakfast and your fabulous stay is complete!

Note: On you can find over 58.000 B&B’s in 46 countries in Europe.

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