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Where shall we travel in 2022?

A New Year! Time to look forward, time to hope and time to plan your holidays! Where will you travel in 2022? Do you fancy cycling in France or pretending to be a Viking in Norway? Let us inspire and excite you with a few ideas for your next trip.

Bedandbreakfast.eu; Where shall we travel in 2022?

Vaucluse – France

Staying in a B&B Vaucluse in the gorgeous Rhone valley is our top tip for travel in 2022. The Romans used the valley as their highway through France, planting vineyards as they went. Rich cultural and natural history have combined to make this region one of the most fascinating in France. Cycle through the lavender fields stopping to sample the delicious dark red Syrah and Beaujolais along the way. Then stay in a converted chateau or an authentic gite from B&B Vaucluse.

Bed and Breakfast Vaucluse

Tromso – Norway

If you’re looking for an epic place to travel in 2022, then give Tromso in Norway a chance. The capital of the Arctic offers visitors nature adventures of Viking proportions. Whale watching, midnight sun and the ethereal northern lights, this region ticks all the boxes of once in a lifetime experiences. The frosty conditions are ideal for skiing, hiking, or sledging with dogs. Or maybe you’d prefer to sip vodka in a bar made of ice! 

Bed and Breakfast Tromso

Ljublijana – Slovenia

This picturesque capital is the smallest in Europe but by far the least boring. A glittering jewel of a city, Ljubljana is blessed with countless beautiful baroque buildings and medieval bridges spanning the emerald green river running through its centre. If you travel in 2022 in the summer, there are


Nicosia – Cyprus

Travel in 2022 to the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia. The last divided capital city in Europe, half of Nicosia lies in European Greek Cyprus and the other half in Northern Cyprus, claimed by Turkey. This divider allows you to experience two contrasting cultures in one fascinating trip. As you step over the border, you go from typical European high streets filled with familiar brands to little independent Turkish shops and cafes. It is truly a unique experience – just don’t forget your passport! 

Bed and Breakfast Nicosia

Kent – United Kingdom

Travel in 2022 is still on shaky ground. Although we have hope that restrictions will soon be lifted and we will be able to venture abroad again, you may decide to stay closer to home. And why not? The UK is filled with beautiful landscapes and points of interest for you to discover for the first time. So if you’re looking for beautiful beaches, castles, stately homes and fun family attractions, then go no further than Kent, the Garden of England in the heart of the British countryside. Our B&B owners can’t wait to meet you!

Bed and Breakfast Kent

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