Surprise your family with a European breakfast

Recipe with strawberries

Delicious: old-fashioned Dutch strawberry curd

Many bed & breakfast innkeepers serve their guests a capacious and surprising breakfast. Why not prepare such a special breakfast yourself, inspired by foreign cuisine! Here are three simple recipes for French, Dutch and Spanish delicacies to start with. Bon appétit!

Recipe 1: French Pain au chocolat
When thinking of a French breakfast you think of croissants. A tasty variant on this is the Pain au Chocolat. You can easily make them yourself.

9 pieces of ready-to-use puff paste / 6 tablespoons of chocolate spread / 1 egg, whisked

Manner of preparation:
1)     Pre-heat the oven to 200°C.
2)     Let the layers of puff paste defrost on a lightly flowered surface.
3)     Spread a bit of chocolate spread on half of every layer of puff paste. Stay 1 cm away from the edges. Spread some egg on the edges and fold the puff paste over the filling. Gently press the edges closed.
4)     Bake the chocolate croissants golden brown in the pre-heated oven for about 18 minutes.

Recipe 2: Dutch strawberry curd
Now that summer is almost here, the strawberries are at their best. Buy them fresh and use them as flavouring in this old-Dutch recipe for creamy strawberry curd.

1 litre of yoghurt / whipped cream 250 ml / box of strawberries / (vanilla)sugar

Manner of preparation:
1)     Lay a moist cloth in a sieve and pore the yoghurt on it. Let the yoghurt drain for a minimum of 6 hours, stir occasionally.
2)     Put the thickened yoghurt in a bowl.
3)     Mash the strawberries and spoon them through the thickened yoghurt.
4)     Whip the whipped cream until its stiff and spoon through the yoghurt, to your taste.
5)     Flavour the curd with (vanilla) sugar.

Recipe 3: Spanish churros
A fried meal for breakfast? In Spain they love it! This is how you make delicious, typically Spanish churros:

100 grams of flower / 1/2 teaspoon of salt / 3/4 decilitre of water / 2 eggs / sugar / 50 grams of butter / cinnamon powder / deep-frying oil

Manner of preparation:
1)     Bring the water with the butter and the salt to a boil.
2)     Add the flower at once and stir until the paste lets go of the pan.
3)     Take the pan off the fire and spoon the eggs through.
4)     Put the paste in a pastry bag and spread 10 cm long strips on a piece of baking paper. Carefully sink the strips in the deep-frying oil, heated to 180°C.
5)     Bake the churros ready in about 5 minutes and after draining, sprinkle them with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon powder.

Do you have a delicious recipe as well?
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