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Facebook speed course part 2: posting messages and photos

Bed & breakfast on Facebook
Post on a B&B Facebook page

Have you created a Facebook page? Then it’s time to post some updates on your timeline.

In part 1 of this Facebook speed course we have created a page for your bed & breakfast. Now you can start posting messages on your page, such as updates, photos and videos. Posting a message on your page is easy.

In this article we will guide you through the basic functions of Facebook. At the top of your page you can see an insert field with the text: “What are you doing?”

Creating a facebook page for your B&B

Here you can fill in a text, such as: ‘Bed & Breakfast Falcon Court now also on Facebook!’

Bed and breakfast on Facebook

Click ‘Add message’ and your first status update is a fact. Your message is now at the top of your timeline. This timeline is a sequence of messages from your page, in chronological order, displayed over 2 columns.

Creating a Facebook page

Posting photos on your timeline
Such a simple status update is nice of course, but it becomes much nicer if you place a photo with it:

  • Right above the insert field, click ‘Photo/video’ and choose ‘Add Photo/video’.
Facebook bed & breakfast
  • In your computer, go to your folder with photos and select a photo. Click ‘Open’ to add the photo.
Bed & breakfast on Facebook
  • Check whether the photo is added (if all is well, the file name of the photo should now be visible next to ‘Choose file’. Be sure to also check whether you are happy with the text you typed in the insert field.
Creating Facebook page for your bed and breakfast
  • Click ‘Post’. Your photo with possible text now appears directly on your timeline.

Bed & breakfast on facebook

Photo album on Facebook
This way you can constantly post new messages, photos and videos. Do you have a sequence of photos, for example of your guest rooms? Then you can create a photo album. At step 1, you should then click ‘Photo/video’ followed by ‘Create photo album’.

Adding links
It is equally simple to place links (URL) on your timeline, for example to your presentation page on or to your own website.

  • Copy the URL you would like to share and paste it into the insert field on your Facebook page. Wait a few seconds.
Bed and breakfast on Facebook
  • Now, a short text with a photo or logo from the website will appear. The text can be adjusted by clicking on it. If the website contains more photos, you can choose another photo by clicking the little arrows at ‘Choose a thumbnail’.
Create a Facebook page for your bed and breakfast
  • Click ‘Add message’ and the link is now neatly placed on your timeline.
Posting on your bed & breakfast page

Removing messages
Especially in the beginning you might make a mistake in adding photos and messages. Maybe you placed the wrong link or made an obvious typo. Luckily, you can always remove messages from your page. With every message and every photo of video you add, when moving the mouse over it you can see two icons in the upper right corner.

Bed & breakfast on Facebook

Click on the pencil-icon and in the drop-down menu click ‘Remove’ or ‘Remove photo’.

Bed and breakfast Facebook page

If you now refresh your page by pushing the F5 button on your keyboard you will see that the message has been removed.

News overview
When you place a new message, this message will immediately appear in the Facebook News overview of the people who like your page (your ‘fans’) But how do you make sure that this message stays on top for some time and that it is seen by as many people as possible? You can read it in the following part of this Facebook speed course.

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