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Facebook contest: This is your favourite winter B&B!

B&B Huize Peel in Raalte

The winning picture is the one from Huize Peel, located in Raalte, the Netherlands.

Did you vote for the most beautiful Christmas/winter B&B on our Facebook page last December? In total, 1293 B&B fans from all over the world casted their votes! Curious about which bed and breakfast has won?

The three winning bed & breakfasts
The winning picture is the one from Huize Peel, located in Raalte, the Netherlands. This beautifully lit mansion with gorgeous Christmas atmosphere received the most votes. This bed and breakfasts has four rooms with an authentic look and feel.

Second prize: B&B Vermeesch
The picture of Bed & Breakfast Vermeesch in Standdaarbuiten shows a glimpse of guest room ‘Tuinzicht’ (garden view) with a winter touch. This original picture came in second.

Bed and Breakfast Vermeesch

Bed & Breakfast Vermeesch in Standdaarbuiten, the Netherlands.

Third price: B&B La Rêverie
At the third place we find B&B La Rêverie, a vicarage in Marilles, Belgium. The owners of this B&B pay a lot of attention to an extensive breakfast. That is why they took a picture of their wonderfully-laid breakfast table with beautiful Christmas decorations.

B&B La Reverie

Bed and Breakfast La Rêverie in the Belgian village Marilles.

Prize winners Facebook contest
On Facebook you massively casted your votes on the most beautiful winter B&B. Amongst the voters we raffle three free weekend getaways in a bed & breakfast of your choice. These are the winners:

  • Tiny van den Eerenbeemd – weekend getaway worth € 500,-
  • Lorena Pigliacampo – weekend getaway worth. € 250,-
  • Michelle Johnston – weekend getaway worth € 100,-.

B&B Huize Peel, Bed & Breakfast Vermeesch and B&B La Rêverie also win a free weekend getaway, worth  € 500,-, € 250 and € 100,-.

Thank you for participating!
We would like to congratulate all winners with their prizes. We thank all bed and breakfasts and Facebook followers for participating in this contest. Keep an eye on our Facebook-page for new contexts, who knows, next time you might be the winner!


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