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Dining at a B&B: personal and authentic

Dining in a Bed & Breakfast

A special experience: dining in private at a bed & breakfast.

A ‘private cook’, nice company and an authentic environment: dining at a bed and breakfast is almost a guarantee for a great evening. Most of the time the B&B owner exclusively cooks for you and other guests of the bed & breakfast. If possible while using fresh ingredients harvested from the garden. 

Biological products
Take for example guest house Domaine De La Carrauterie in Sautin, Belgium. This beautiful, rurally situated pension regularly serves dinners made from biological products obtained from the big, surrounding garden.

Cooking workshop
Also a nice idea: attending a cooking workshop in a B&B. You can do this, amongst other places, at Villa Lavanda in Noci in the South of Italy. Here you can learn how to cook Italian the authentic way.

Dining in a B&B in France or Italy
Treat yourself to a exclusive dinner at a B&B! Everywhere in Europe there are bed & breakfasts where you can enjoy delicious self-cooked meals, like these B&B’s in Belgium, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and France. Just ask the owner about the possibilities.

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