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Bed and Breakfast 110 Montée du Venay in the French region of Burgundy: one of the properties online

An economic crisis often means: postponement of your plans and dreams. But if you’re dreaming of starting a bed & breakfast, a crisis may very well be that little nudge you need. You can now buy a (second) home to start a B&B in for a very affordable price. Or you could even buy a bed & breakfast online that is up and ready for business. For a quick start.

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Online you can find houses in various price ranges, starting from € 100,000 in, for example, the Netherlands, France, and Italy. All properties for sale on the website are already operational as bed & breakfast, or suitable to start a B&B in, because of their beautiful, spacious bedrooms or separate bathrooms. The offer varies from small-scale bed & breakfasts to family hotels with over seven rooms. If you are interested, you can contact the owner or real estate agent directly.

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You don’t start a bed and breakfast just like that. Extra information about the B&B industry, the design of your bed & breakfast, the current legislation, taxes and internet marketing is always welcome. Tip: register at to receive our newsletter. In addition, on this blog you can find an abundance of information about starting a bed & breakfast.

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