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Column: German Guests

In the meantime I am welcoming guests from many countries in my accommodation. People from countries within, as well as outside of Europe. And I must say that – despite the attempts of the EU to turn the various member states into one melting-pot, I am happy with the large differences in culture, language and traditions of the various countries. Continue reading

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Why is bed & breakfast so popular?

Why is staying in a bed & breakfast so popular? That is a question we often get asked by journalists. The answer is simple: because it’s such a fun way of spending the night! There is not one B&B the same, so you always experience something special.. Continue reading

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Bed & breakfast in France: enjoy the good life

Imagine staying in a relaxed bed & breakfast or ‘chambre d’hôtes’ somewhere in France. Surrounded by sloping lavender fields stretching out as far as you can see. Having breakfast with fresh French bread, visiting romantic sleepy towns and enjoying a good glass of wine in the evenings. Continue reading

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