Presentation page

How can I upload photos on my presentation page?
I can’t succeed in adding photos to my presentation page. What could be the problem?
The photo I just added meets all the requirements, but despite this it is not visible on my presentation page. Why is that?
How can I add a video?
How often is my paged being viewed?
How do I end up higher in the search results of
How do I become one of the ‘recommendables’ on the homepage of
How do I change my password?
What are key words and why are they important?
How can I make sure my B&B is found on key words, such as facilities or touristic sites in the area?
How can I add translations?
When I insert my island as ‘Destination’, my B&B is not shown. How is this possible?
How can I adjust my rates?
How can I log on to the owner service of
How can I adjust the information on my presentation page?
How can I insert different day-to-day prices for my rooms?
I would like to use different room rates on weekends. Is this possible?
I would like to lower my rates in low season. How can I do that?
Can I copy the rates from one room to my other room?
The location of my B&B is not correctly displayed on the map. How can I adjust this?

Social Media

Where can I find on Facebook?
How can I come into contact with colleague B&B-owners?
How can I keep informed about the latest bed & breakfast news?

B&B For Sale

Where can I find information about B&B’s for sale?
How can I offer my B&B for sale?

Change or terminate subscription

Can I temporarily make my bed & breakfast invisible on
How can I terminate my mention on

Google Street View

What is Google Street View?
How does Google Street View work?
Can I adjust the Google Street View picture on my presentation page?
Can I turn off Google Street View on my presentation page?
Google Street View is not visible on my presentation page. Why is that?


What does a mention on cost?
How do I register for a mention on
My place of residence is not recognised during registering, what do I do?
How long does it take until my B&B is displayed on

Virtual Google Tour

What is a Virtual Google Tour?
Can I add a Virtual Google Tour to my presentation page?


How can I view my reservation requests?
How do I answer a reservation request?
Do I have to log in every time I want to view a new reservation request?
Why do I need to be logged in to view a new reservation request?
What advantages does the reservation system offer me?
Where can I find the e-mail correspondence with my guest?
What are e-mail templates?
How can I change the status of a reservation request?
What is the ‘Inbox’ in the owner service for?
What is the ‘Overview’ under the ‘Inbox’ in the owner service meant for?
In my ‘Inbox’ are reservation requests with the status ‘Untreated’. How can I remove that notification?
What does the ‘Untreated’ status in my Inbox mean? Do my guests see this as well?
How can I remove a reservation request from the ‘Inbox’?
How can I remove a reservation request from the ‘Overview’?
How can I remove a reservation request permanently?
I answered a reservation request. Now I can’t find the request in the overview with ‘My Reservations’. What now?

Availability calendar

How does the availability calendar work?
Which advantages does the availability calendar have?
Can I add bookings that don’t come in via to the availability calendar?
Can I place the calendar on my own website?
Can I turn off the availability calendar?
How do I make sure new options and reservations are placed in the availability calendar?
How can I manually add a reservation to the availability calendar?
Could I make days unavailable in the availability calendar even though there is no reservation on that date?

Synchronize calendars

How can I import the availability information from my other calendars to my calendar on
Are the calendars synchronized automatically?
How can I export the availability information from to my other calendars?
Why is the reservation information of my other calendars not always shown?


What is a review?
How can my guests write a review?
How can I get more reviews?
My guest made a reservation by telephone. How do I make sure he/she gets a review form?
Can guests who booked outside of also write a review?
Can I prevent a guest who did not stay in my B&B from writing a review?
Which guide lines does a guest review have to meet?
I do not agree with a guest review. What can I do?