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Safe holidays: why choose a B&B

B&Bs have always been a unique experience. The quirky charm of the guest houses, the kindness and hospitality of passionate owners and the often dreamlike locations. In these worrying times of the Coronavirus, B&Bs could be an ideal way to enjoy safe holidays. Discover why!

Bedandbreakfast.eu; Safe holidays: why choose a B&B

Smaller is better

During these Coronavirus times, an accommodation with only a few rooms is ideal for safe holidays. You will have fewer potential contacts, and the number of customers who pass through a small facility is certainly more controlled. Often family-run, the B&Bs can guarantee more care and attention to detail, from the owners themselves. For a prime example, check out this delightful B&B near Peak District: 

Glendon Guest House

Fewer contacts and lots of private spaces

You may feel the need to limit your contact with other people as much as possible. A B&B can give you the option of many spaces for your own private use; including a kitchen, bathroom and a private entrance. This will allow you to feel reassured that you can enjoy relaxing and safe holidays. To learn more about the possibility to book a guest house including private spaces, read this article:

Find B&B with private spaces

Personalised information and advice

The owners of B&Bs are always ready to give any advice you might need. In times like this, it is essential to receive accurate local information. Where are the least crowded places to visit in the area or what cleaning protocols are in place, for example? The managers of the B&B are best placed to help you to enjoy your safe holidays. Rebuild your confidence in travel and enjoy a carefree break. You’re sure to find a warm welcome, even if it is at an arm’s length! 

Westwood - B&B with a view

Less crowded and close to home

Cosy Bed and Breakfasts are often located in charming villages or remote places, where keeping a distance from others is easier! Choose a B&B UK, near home, and rediscover the convenience of safe holidays with no air miles. Our green and pleasant land has so much to offer. With secluded coves, national parks, rugged mountains and ancient villages nestled in the most beautiful countryside in the world, staying in a B&B UK meets the needs of every type of traveller!

B&Bs in the UK

Responsible tourism

The Coronavirus crisis has confronted us with the fragility of our way of travelling en masse. Choosing a small accommodation is the best way to change direction. By opting for a slower and more responsible way to travel, you can still live unique experiences, assimilate habits and traditions of the locals and return home with a rich bag of memories. For the best of safe holidays, book a special B&B in one of these delightful destinations:

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