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Wish to expand your B&B? Choose a tree trunk-B&B!

B&B design

That’s something different: a bed and breakfast in a log cabin.

You know something’s hot, once designers connect their names to it. At B&B Expo in Brussels, we met with the ‘Design B&B’. A wooden garden house by the hand of the dutch designer Piet Hein Eek, well-known for his demolition wood furniture.

The small chalet is a rectangular block made up of dozens of round logs. “In the past, the renowned designer Piet Hein Eek created this tree house design. It is basically a large model of his tree trunk-wardrobe”, says the company which produces the garden houses.

B&B huisje 2

Tree trunk house with windows closed.

Modular design
The log cabins are durable and easy to expand, and they can be placed anywhere. It’s possible to order one with bathroom, kitchen, shower and original Piet Hein Eek furniture included. “The perfect way to a start or expand a bed and breakfast”, the producers believe.

But the Design B&B doesn’t come for free: prices (indication) start at € 35,000, -. For more information call Mr. De Witte: 0031 (0)6-81664897. Or send an email to: [email protected].

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