Smartest trick: cleaning windows with magnets

Magnetic window cleaner

Smart: cleaning the outside of a window from the inside.

Easily clearing moss from the terrace, efficiently disinfecting the bathroom, a scheme for cleaning your bed & breakfast in a structural way… Our blog message ‘Spring cleaning: the smartest trick for cleaning your B&B’ generated great responses. The best cleaning trick fits the Spring mood: cleaning windows with magnets.

The golden tip comes from Heleen Janssen, owner of Bed & Breakfast Jansbeek in the Dutch city of Arnhem. She writes: “Recently, from the Albert Cuyp Market in Amsterdam, I bought a ‘window cleaner’ which uses magnets. Since we have many windows that are very hard to clean from the outside, this is an ideal solution.”

Clean the outside from the inside
With a magnetic window cleaner system, you can clean the outside of your windows, from the inside. The secret: a magnetic window cleaner uses powerful, ultra strong internal magnets that lock both parts of the product together through the glass. Each part of the magnetic cleaner has a rubber squeegee and a cleaning sponge.

You just place one part of the magnetic cleaner on the outside of the wet glass, and place the other part against it on the inside. If you move the inside cleaner, the outside cleaner follows. There are cleaning units available that clean both single pane and double pane glass. For more information, just go to and search for ‘magnetic window cleaner’.

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