Where did Thomas stay?

Bed and breakfast (B&B), www.bedandbreakfast.eu

Thomas enjoys staying at bed and breakfasts without paying afterwards.

Meet Thomas. A 28-year-old German who enjoys staying at bed and breakfasts – without paying afterwards. Unfortunately, he’s not the only one. Regularly B&B owners tell us they’ve been duped by guests. How can you avoid this happening to you?

Thomas usually stays a few nights in a B&B, and then leaves in the morning without paying. In the Netherlands alone, at least five B&B-owners have been duped by him. An ordinary young man with a backpack and a blue mountain bike, who was never caught.

If you do not trust it…
How can you as a B&B owner prevent getting swindled? Of course you can never foresee what people are up to. But listen to your intuition. Our advice: if you don’t trust it, ask for a payment in advance upon booking, or a cash payment upon arrival. And if you’re really suspicious, don’t take the risk and cancel the reservation.

Find more tips for B&B innkeepers on Bedandbreakfast.eu/en/start.

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