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Holiday Destinations: What type of traveller are you?

Escape the grindstone by travelling to distant lands and staying in unusual B&Bs. Every traveller is different. Some long for excitement and adventure, others like absorbing new cultures, while many would rather just chill on the beach. Which type of traveller are you and which holiday destinations suit you best?

Bedandbreakfast.eu; Holiday Destinations: What type of traveller are you?

Culture Explorer

Is there a well-thumbed travel guide in your bag? Can’t get enough of museums and historical buildings? Then you’re a cultural explorer, eager to learn about the world. Staying at a B&B is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the local culture. Mix with the locals and create unforgettable memories. Satisfy your curiosity with a  trip to the following holiday destinations:

Bold Adventurer

If no challenge is too big, if you get a kick from the unknown and live for the adrenaline; then you are undoubtedly a bold adventurer. You like to go on a journey of discovery through nature, braving the most spectacular landscapes. Do you see yourself abseiling down majestic waterfalls, hiking through rugged mountains or rafting on white-water rivers? Then check out our holiday destinations set in outstanding natural locations.

Sun Worshiper

Are you ready for a good dose of vitamin D? Want to kick off your shoes and do absolutely nothing at all? After all, life is hectic enough with work and everything else.  If sun, sea and sand are your only essential requirements for holiday destinations, then you are a true sun worshipper, and only beach holidays will suffice! Stay in a seaside B&B, feel the sand between your toes during dreamy beach holidays in the sun!

B&B Santorini

Hopeful Romantic

If the love of your life is your number one and you want to spend more quality time together, then why not surprise them with a romantic getaway?  Whether you’ve been together for 5 minutes or an entire lifetime, a trip away is a great way to connect as a couple. Enjoy a delicious dinner at sunset, an evening by a crackling campfire or wander aimlessly, hand in hand, through charming cobbled streets. Here are a few classic romantic holiday destinations to re-kindle those flames of passion!

B&B Cape Town


Materialism is not for you, it’s experiences and memories that matter. You work hard for your money, then cross off the destinations on your bucket list, one by one. Travelling is in your blood. You live to see as much of the world as possible and to enrich yourself with knowledge about nature, culture and new friendships. Although you’re often far from home, you’ll find that ‘at home’ feeling at B&Bs in far-flung holiday destinations, all over the world.

B&B Mykonos

Hip & Happening

You enjoy being bang on-trend and are inspired by glossy magazines and social media. Fashion, sports and fabulous parties are indispensable in your life.  During the day you can top up your tan on the beach, go posing at a pool party or browse around the trendy boutiques. If you’ve partied till dawn at all the best clubs, there’s nothing better than crashing at a B&B or in a private luxury apartment! Check out these ‘Insta-ready’ holiday destinations.

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