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Bed and breakfast in a castle or mansion

French castle

Chateau Manoir de Ker-Huella in Morlaix in France.

Did you know that you can spend the night in bed & breakfasts in tens of ancient old monuments all over Europe? Allow yourself to be led back in time, in a bed & breakfast in a French castle, British country house or monumental building in Germany. Imagine yourself a squire or a damsel, surrounded by the luxury of days gone past.

Chateau in France
Bed & breakfasts in authentic chateaus are easily found in France. Like Manoir de Ker-Huella in Morlaix, a fairy-tale like castle with four rooms (photo above).

Castle bed & breakfast

Classical interior of bed & breakfast Castle Baexem in the South of the Netherlands.

Or B&B Castle Baexem in The Netherlands. Here you stay in the castle of Theo en Janne Peters. The castle rooms have classical names like ‘Fox Room’ and ‘Eggs Room’. In the ‘Ox blood room’ you can sleep in a real four poster bed!

B&B in German castle

Bed and breakfast Burg Bruch, a beautiful old castle in Germany.

Castle in Germany
In Germany you find lots of old, romantic fairytale castles, some of which welcome guests for the night. Take for example Bed and Breakfast Burg Bruch in Bruch, a castle with three guest rooms and one apartment. Remarkable:  the earliest documentary mention of the house of Bruch dates from the year 1138!

More B&B’s in castles and mansions
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