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B&B in Europe: occupation, turnover, facilities

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New research among 6,659 bed & breakfasts in Europe.

Did you know that an overnight stay with breakfast in a European bed & breakfast costs an average € 74,- for two persons? Or that the average turnover of a European B&B-accommodation amounts to about € 18,000,- per year? These are just a few facts from the new research report ‘Bed & Breakfast in Europe – occupation, turnover and other key figures’.

Facilities and prices

The report is based on a research Bed & Breakfast Europe held in 2010, among 6,659 B&B owners in all of Europe, with interesting outcomes:

  • A European bed & breakfast has an average 3.2 guest rooms and 7.8 places to sleep.
  • Almost half of the European B&B’s has a turnover of less than € 10,000,- per year.
  • The B&B-room rates are the highest in Belgium (an average € 86,-) and Great Britain
    (€ 85,-) and the lowest in Germany and Austria (€ 58,-).
  • Shared sanitary provisions are relatively less common: 88% of the guest rooms have a private toilet and 81% have a separate shower.
  • Internet and TV are available in resp. 78% and 67% of the B&B’s.
  • No less than one of five B&B guests are business travellers.

Order report
Are you curious about the complete research results, divided per country? You can order the complete report ‘Bed & Breakfast in Europe – occupation, turnover and other key figures’ for € 12.95 ( subscribers with an extensive mention only pay € 9.95). More information and ordering >>

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