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Sustainable recreation in a B&B is the trend

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Trend: bed & breakfast in an ecological farm

An increasing group of tourists would like to recreate in a sustainable way. A majority of the travellers considers the environmental policy of tour operators and holiday suppliers while booking and 85 percent prefers to stay in a small-scale accommodation.

This appears from a research held amongst 520 high educated Dutch travellers by travel organisation TravelEssence. Although this was a Dutch research, we believe that the signalized trend is an international one.

New type of traveller
“The familiarity with sustainable tourism is no longer just meant for the traditional backpack/eco-tourists but influences all target groups. With the growth of the number of baby boomers who slowly reach their retirement and search for a more personal and customized way of travelling, a new type of traveller is coming about”, says TravelEssence.

“These new environmentally aware pensioners – often with a good income – like to combine ecologically responsible activities with good food and pleasant, cosy, small-scale accommodations. For the new traveller a good contact with the host and an accommodation that is part of the complete travel experience are the very things that are important.”

B&B, a sustainable form of recreation
At, we recognize this trend all too well. It is with reason that bed & breakfast – the ultimate small-scale accommodation- has become so successful over the last couple of years. In a B&B you are still in contact with the host and your personal wishes are taken into account. Guests really appreciate this. In addition, bed & breakfast is a sustainable form of stay tourism. For example, nothing has to be built to create an experience: the B&B itself is the experience!

B&B with an environment-friendly label
More and more bed & breakfast work very sustainably. There are various accommodations with an environment-friendly label such as the Ecolabel or Green Key. Other B&B’s are built completely energy neutral. Do you give preference to an extra environmentally aware B&B address, than search on for key words like ‘Ecolabel’ or ‘Sustainable’. Or filter your list of found B&B’s: find the search filter ‘Type’ and check the category ‘Ecological farm’. Go to >>

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