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A new future for all street kids around the world; that is the dream of Mama Alice. This humanitarian aid agency offers street kids in Peru free day care, education and medical care since 2005. Bed & Breakfast Europe admires and supports the work of Mama Alice. That is why we donate € 1,- per year, per accommodation on, to this foundation.

Help for street kids in Peru

In the Peruvian town of Ayacucho, Mama Alice offers free day care to children between the ages of four and eighteen. In different shanty towns, the foundation has classrooms where the children can get free supplemental education, psychosocial help and medical care. Besides this, since 2011, Mama Alice offers three vocational trainings and in 2012 the foundation has established a free telephone helpline for children and youngsters where they can talk about different problems they deal with. In this and in other ways, the aid agency works on a better sustainable future for the street kids.

Who is Mama Alice?

Mama Alice is a humanitarian aid agency that works from the conviction that street kids, wherever in the world they may live, need to be helped. The organization was founded in 2004, by the Dutch Fréderique Kallen. She named the foundation after her prematurely deceased mother Alice Kallen-Frijns. For more information about the projects of Mama Alice see or Mama Alice has won several times the award 'Transparant Prijs' for the most transparent annual report, set up by Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC). Mama Alice is in the posession of the CBF-certificate and the so called ANBI status.

Donate as well!

Do you share the conviction of Mama Alice and do you also want a better future for the street kids? You can transfer your donation to Mama Alice to account number NL68INGB0009672412 of the ING Bank. Donations can also be made online through the website.

Stichting Mama Alice
Gelissendomein 8-10, bus 4
6229 GJ Maastricht
The Netherlands

B&B’s collect money

A large number of B&B’s support Mama Alice by collecting money with an offertory box. Each year, the owners donate their tips and the revenue from the offertory box to Mama Alice.
Watch a video about the work of mama Alice: