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New: Synchronize the calendar with your other calendars

Merge calendars

It is now possible to merge your calendars with the calendar of

If your other calendars also have the iCal format, you can easily merge them with your calendar on

Synchronize your calendars in just a few simple steps
 To do so, go to ‘My Reservations’ in the Owner Service, and click ‘Synchronize Calendars’. Now complete the following steps:

  • Open the room of which you would like to synchronize the availability calendar.
  • In a separate window, go to the calendar that you use in addition to Pick up the availability information of the room in question.  Use the link (URL) provided for this purpose by the other platform.
  • Paste this link in the appropriate field at step 2 in the owner service of
  • Name the calendar, and click Save.
  • Repeat these steps for all rooms.

Merge B&B availability calendar

Availability calendar
If you now look at your availability calendar in the owner service of, you will see that the availability information of your other calendar has been included. Note: you cannot see reservations, only non-available dates, because due to privacy reasons, reservation information may not be exchanged between websites.

Are the calendars synchronized automatically?
Yes, we make sure that the calendar is automatically updated every 6 hours. In addition, with the ‘Synchronize’ button you can manually update the availability information at any given time.

B&B reservation system

Exporting availability to other calendars
You can also export the availability information of your calendar on to other calendars.  To do so, go to ‘My Reservations’ in the Owner Service, and click ‘Synchronize Calendars’.  At the bottom of the page you can see a link (URL) that you can use to synchronize your calendar on

Merge your calendars

Extensive mention
Merging your calendars is only available for subscribers of who have an extensive mention. Get an extensive mention too and profit from all the useful functions such as a website link, vary prices, Google Maps and much more. More information >>

Questions? Mail us!
Of course you can always send us an email if you have any questions. You can find a lot of information in our frequently asked questions as well. We are happy to help!

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