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Instant Booking pay-outs; uitbetalingen

As one of the advantages of Instant Bookings, will handle the exchange of funds between you and your guest. This will save you time and guarantee that you’ll receive payment. Find out how exactly this works and experience the convenience of Instant Bookings for yourself!

How does it work?

During the booking process, guests make direct payments to Here, they can choose from the 12 most common payment methods in the home country. We then retain these funds until the guest has checked in. Once this has happened, the pay-out process starts. Pay-outs take place on the second (working) day after the check-in date.

  • Pay-outs by bank transfer: B&Bs in the Netherlands receive payment by direct bank transfer.
  • Pay-outs via Hyperwallet: If your B&B is not in the Netherlands, your pay-out will be handled by Hyperwallet. Hyperwallet forms part of PayPal and provides a professional and reliable platform for booking pay-outs.

More information about Hyperwallet

Commission per booking

The pay-out amount is the total booking amount paid by the guest, less 10% commission (excl. VAT).

Pay-out in case of cancellation

If a guest cancels a booking, the cancellation terms take effect. Depending on the chosen cancellation terms and when the guest cancels, (part of) the booking amount will be transferred to the guest and/or the innkeeper. This transaction will take place on the first (working) day following cancellation.


If you’ve received guests over the past month, an invoice will appear in the Innkeeper’s portal at the start of the new month. This invoice will contain an overview of your income and the commission deducted over the past month. To see a comprehensive overview, click on ‘Invoices‘ in the Innkeeper’s portal.


If you have more questions about Instant Booking pay-outs or need further help, please contact us!

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