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Benefits of Instant Booking; Voordelen van Direct Reserveren

As a B&B innkeeper, you can make the most of the advantages offered by Instant Booking. If website visitors can see whether your B&B has availability and are given the option of booking and paying immediately, you’ll get more reservations and therefore earn more profit.


If you don’t yet use’s ‘Instant Booking’ option, then familiarise yourself now with this user-friendly Bed and Breakfast reservation and payment system. With this system, all your reservations are instantly confirmed and paid. We’ve listed the advantages of this for you as a B&B innkeeper.

Advantages for B&B innkeepers

  • No Cure No Pay
  • Payment guarantee
  • High search result ranking
  • Optimum user-friendliness
  • 3 Cancellation policies
  • Time-saving

No Cure No Pay

If you use the Instant Booking option, you’ll only pay for reservations you actually receive via instead of paying annually for your listing on the website of this top B&B global expert. This means that the online listing of your Bed and Breakfast is completely free of charge!

Payment guarantee

Guests trust the Instant Booking option because they receive definitive confirmation after booking and paying, so their reservations are guaranteed. As a major advantage for you as the B&B innkeeper, reservations are instantly confirmed, and you are guaranteed payment in case of no-shows. will transfer the reservation amount to your account on the second (working) day after arrival of the guest.

High search result ranking

Visitors like to have immediate insight into whether a B&B is available on certain dates. Another of the advantages of instant booking is the fact that guests can check B&B availability online. This positively influences search behaviour, creating greater interest in your Bed and Breakfast and improving your findability. The reward is a higher search result ranking on

Straightforward cancellation policies has compiled clear cancellation policies to protect guests as well as B&B innkeepers. There are three standard cancellation policies: flexible, moderate or strict.


As a B&B innkeeper, you have to respond quickly to reservation requests in order to convert such requests into reservations. When guests use the instant booking option, the reservation process is fully automated. Reservations are confirmed and paid without any involvement on the part of the B&B innkeeper. This means that you’ll lose less time communicating with potential guests and no longer miss out on reservations as a result of late responses to requests.

More reservations

One of the most important advantages of instant booking is a rise in the number of reservations at your Bed and Breakfast. Guests trust the system because they receive confirmation as soon as they’ve paid for their reservation. This quick and simple reservation process creates guest satisfaction, which ultimately leads to positive reviews and even more reservations.

Please note that Instant Booking is currently only possible in European countries. This also includes Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland.

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