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Promote your B&B without commission at; romote your B&B without commission

Do you want to promote your B&B on the internet without paying commission? At you pay a fixed amount per year, no matter how many bookings you receive. That way you can save hundreds of euros a year.

Promoting B&B without commission
Paying commission to a booking website seems attractive: you promote your B&B and pay a small amount per booking. But if you receive multiple bookings, the total amount of commission rises fast, up to hundreds of euros a year.

Instead, at you pay a fixed amount of just € 75. – excluding VAT for an entire year. Converted that means only € 6.25 a month, no matter how many bookings you receive. reservationsystem

At you don’t pay commission.

A simple calculation example
Imagine a booking website charging 12% commission. For a booking with a value of, for example, € 62.50 you would pay € 7.50 commission. Thus when you receive 10 bookings per month, you pay  € 75.-  In just one month, you pay more commission than what you pay for an extensive mention on for a whole year!

Calculate the profit of for yourself
Make your own calculation: in almost all cases, promoting your bed and breakfast on is the most profitable choice. Register fast and profit from powerful benefits:

Bed & breakfast promotion

No commission: calculate the profit yourself.

  • Top position in the search results
  • Your B&B optimally findable in Google
  • Extensive reservation manager
  • Link to your website
  • Free reservation tool for your website
  • No commission, more profit
  • Calendar synchronisation
  • Inserting price variations and discounts

See the promotion options and register today!

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Janneke Scheepers is web editor at Bed & Breakfast Europe. She writes blogs, articles and newsletters about all aspects of the B&B sector in Europe.


  • Dear sir,
    I have 3 brand new serviced apartments in Shanghai for listing, can you let me know if you will process secured online payment by guests please?

    • Dear Gloria Lau,

      Thank you for your message. is not a booking site, we don’t work with any commissions or reservation fees. Site visitors make a reservation request that is send to your email address. You may either accept or decline the request and confirm, or cancel the booking in direct correspondence with the (potential) guest. We don’t intervene in this process. At the moment, online payments between guests and innkeepers are not possible on our website. This feature will be available in the future, an exact release date is unfortunately not known yet.

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