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Bed and Breakfast on Pinterest

‘Pin-it’ button on the presentation page of B&B ‘De Heren van Sfeer’ in Borgoumont, France.

Have you seen it yet? Since recently, there’s a ‘Pin it!’ button on your presentation page. Through this button, visitors of can share pictures of your B&B on the social network Pinterest. This results into extra publicity and possibly more guests! Of course, you can also ‘pin’ pictures of your bed & breakfast yourself.

Posting pictures of your bed & breakfast on Pinterest
To be able to place pictures of your B&B on Pinterest you first need to be a member of this social network. Elsewhere in this blog you can read what Pinterest is about and how you can create a profile. Are you a member of Pinterest and have you created a board on the social network? Then pinning a B&B is a piece of cake.

  • Go to the information page of your bed and breakfast and press the ‘Pin it!’ button.
  •  You will now see a selection of pictures of the bed & breakfast. Choose the most striking one and press ‘Pin it’.
  • Choose the board on which you would like to pin this picture and adjust the text if you want. Finally, click ‘Pin it’ and you’re done!

The picture is now on your board. Other Pinterest users, who follow your board, can now  ‘re-pin’ the picture, or click on it to go to the presentation page of your B&B. You can place as many pictures on Pinterest as you like. Note: reload your presentation page after pinning a picture, otherwise you won’t be able to pin a new picture.

Large pictures give the best result
The larger the pictures on your presentation page are, the better your ‘pins’ on Pinterest will look. Read how to place beautiful, large pictures on here.

Share your bed and breakfast on Facebook
Of course you can also share the pictures of your B&B on on Facebook and Google+. In order to do so, go to the presentation page of your bed & breakfast and click ‘Share this B&B’ next to the picture. Subsequently, with just one click of the mouse you can share the B&B on the social network of your choice.

B&B Heren van Sfeer

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