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Selling your Bed & Breakfast: golden tips from practice

Selling your Bed & Breakfast

Bed & breakfast ZonnigZeezicht on Bonaire: “With views of the Caribbean Sea and a breath-taking starry sky at night, it’s a true paradise”, owner Marlies Tiepel says.

You would like to sell your bed & breakfast. But, how do you do that? Of course – first of all- you place your bed & breakfast online on the largest website for bed & breakfasts for sale in Europe. In addition, you will probably enlist a real estate agent at an early stage. But you can do more, Marlies Tiepel, owner of B&B ZonnigZeezicht – for sale on Bonaire – tells us. Here are her golden selling tips.

Selling your B&B: what you should do:

  • Place an add on the website for B&B’s in Europe.
  • Create a website for your B&B, for example by using a free Tumblr, WordPress or Blogger account. Choose a domain name that is representative for your B&B. In the case of ZonnigZeezicht: Bedandbreakfastbonaire.com.
  • Bring your website to the attention of other B&B’s, organisations, and companies in the vicinity. With a bit of luck they will place a link to your website.
  • Create profiles for your B&B on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and post regular updates. Social media can play an important, supporting role in the sale of your bed & breakfast: You can reach many people, and make them think of new things.
  • Advertise, by means of banners, on local news or entertainment websites. This may lead to many visitors and information seekers.
  • Be sure to offer appealing information about the area you’re located in: this is very important in the case of a bed & breakfast for sale! For example, place photos and videos of your region, and share information about events on Twitter and Facebook. Every ‘like’ will expand your range.
  • Have a video or Virtual Google Tour made of your bed & breakfast. Such a video will offer viewers the chance to take a peek inside your B&B. Place the video on your presentation page on www.bedandbreakfast.eu, on your own website, and on YouTube.

What you should not do:

  • Do not provide people with the contact information of your real estate agent as a contact person. It is important to – initially – be in contact with the person who is interested yourself: keep it personal.
  • Don’t sit around and wait; Stay active. Keep posting messages and photos on Facebook, every day.

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