Starting a Bed & Breakfast

Starting a bed & breakfast: how much do you want it?

Starting a B&B

Dreaming of starting a bed & breakfast of you own…

You’re dreaming of starting your own bed & breakfast. You would like to entertain nice people and let them enjoy your accommodation, a delicious breakfast and the surrounding area. A great intention, but running a B&B isn’t as romantic as you may think. Therefore, it’s important to examine your true motives.

Maybe the most important question to ask yourself is: how much do I want it? Why do you want to start a bed & breakfast? Because you like to go on holiday yourself? For not having to be in traffic jams anymore? These are no good motives. You really must have passion to start a B&B in or near your own home.

Dramatic life change
The time you spend on running a B&B must not be underestimated. Furthermore, you give up a part of your privacy. Because of that, a lot of people leave the B&B business within pretty short time. You have to realize that it means a dramatic life change for you and your family. Make sure to carefully discuss your plans with – if applicable – your partner en child(ren). It is important that they are supportive.

Free information about starting a B&B
Still convinced of your plans for starting a bed & breakfast? Than you really should go for it! periodically publishes a free newsletter about starting a bed and breakfast. Register for the B&B start-up newsletter and also frequently check this blog for more tips from practice. Last but not least: once your bed & breakfast is ready to commence, make sure to promote it on, the largest website for B&B wordwide!

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