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Tips for better online guest reviews

Bed and breakfast guest review

Tip: Take part in the discussion about your B&B on social networks.

An opinion about your bed & breakfast can be put on the internet in a jiffy and can then be read by everyone. This can seem threatening to you, but you can also use it to your advantage. A few tips.

  1. Keep a sharp eye on the reviews about your B&B, for example, on or in your guest book.
    This way you get a better insight into the desires and demands of guests, and the strengths and weaknesses of your B&B. Improve your service and facilities with these in mind. You can also ask guests for comments personally, or send them an evaluation form by e-mail.
  2. Take part in the discussion about your B&B on social networks and comparison sites in a reserved way.
    For example, start a dialogue with guests sharing positive or negative experiences about your B&B with others. This way you can strengthen positive opinions and limit damaging consequences of negative reactions. Do always make yourself known as the owner of the B&B in question!
  3. Use social network sites to influence guests’ opinions about your bed and breakfast positively.
    For example, create a page for your B&B on Facebook, and ask your guests to become a fan. This will make them feel more connected to your B&B and increase the chance of a positive review afterwards. Elsewhere on this blog you can find more info about social networks and a short manual on how to start using them.
  4. Take a critical look at your presentation page on and, if necessary, your B&B website.
    Do you draw a correct picture of your B&B? If you do not fulfil your promises, you will disappoint your guests and that is very disadvantageous. But exceed the expectations and guests will gratefully recommend your bed & breakfast to others. And that is the best publicity you can get!

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