Would you like an ecolabel for your B&B?

Green Key label

The Green Key Label

Running a sustainable business is an unstoppable trend and this can also be seen in the B&B branch. We are curious if there is any interest under B&B owners for ecolabels. For example, would you like to have a Green Globe label or EU Ecolabel for your B&B?

In the Netherlands the second Green Key ecolabel was rewarded to a bed & breakfast recently. Also in other European countries there are coming more and more B&Bs with an ecolabel, such as Green Key, Green Globe or the EU Ecolabel. For guests, such a label proves that you as B&B owner are seriously and verifiably working on sustainability.

Cost and investments
You do not get an ecolabel just like that. There are costs involved: for example, you have to invest in sustainability measures and evaluations. Besides, you will often pay a yearly contribution for participation. You will also have extra administrative expenses.

On the other hand investments will pay themselves back, for example, by a lower energy bill and possibly more customers, especially in the business sector. Furthermore, you can promote your B&B as ‘sustainable’. Apart from the commercial opportunities, it just ‘feels’ good to run your business sustainably.

Would you like an ecolabel?
We are very curious if there is any interest under B&B owners for ecolabels. Would you like to have an ecolabel for your B&B? Are you willing to invest time, money and effort into it? And if so, to what purpose?

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  • We bought an old house and had it restored in a sustainable way. In the informationbook for our guests we tell them what we have done and give them the opportunity to ask more information about the technical questions. On our website we told little (till now) about the used techniques. I would think about an ecolabel in the future. Please keep me informed about devellopements.

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