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Bed and Breakfast Nieuwe-Tonge

Appartement het Kolffje en B&B...
B&B Middelharnis(4.9 km from Nieuwe-Tonge)

Apartment (2/ 4 people)"Het Kolffje": Two floors, enchanting livingroom,kitchenette,bathroomfacilities, TV,CD/ DVD player,wireless Internet, tiny garden and private entry. Centre MiddelharnisSee: B&B "Voorhuis Kolff" 2 theme rooms
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Couple Franco/Dutch
B&B Zuid-Beijerland(12.9 km from Nieuwe-Tonge)

Feel like taking a break and breathe some fresh air?We welcome you to our house.Claire speaks French and John speaks French, English , German and Dutch of coarse.The house is in the countryside, it's nice and calm here in Zuid-Beijerland, so...
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De Zeemeermin
B&B Dreischor(13.1 km from Nieuwe-Tonge)

Welcome to Schouwen-Duiveland and enjoy the peace! When booking two nights there on arrival a bottle of local wine waiting for you in the nearby Wijnhoeve Kleine Schorre. Let us surprise you with our hospitality and enjoy Zeeland.The island surr...
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Bed en Breakfast Bernisse
B&B Zuidland(13.6 km from Nieuwe-Tonge)

B & B Bernisse found on the grounds of an old farmhouse. The chalet is entirely at your disposal and available for four (5 is possible) people. There is a beautiful recreation area just behind the b & b. The beach is 25 minutes away by car
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B&B Ouwerkerk(13.7 km from Nieuwe-Tonge)

Quiet holiday apartment / B & B. Beautiful view over the Zeeland polders. The apartment is newly built and existing farmhouse in 2012. Children's playground with trampoline and football goal. Golf course, beach, cy...
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B&B Hellevoetsluis(13.8 km from Nieuwe-Tonge)

Our B&B is named after the bird santuary in Hellevoetsluis,where we are located next to the beach and dunes of "Het Haringvliet"on the Island of Voorne-Putten in the south-west of the Netherlands.One of the most idyllic cycling routes meanders t...
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De Gouw
B&B Noordgouwe(15.8 km from Nieuwe-Tonge)

Bed & Breakfast de Gouw Common dining room and parlor. This Bed & Breakfast has two spacious bedrooms. Both rooms have a shower, toilet and sink. They are also equipped with a good bed, heating and TV in the room. Bicycles. Garden freely...
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B&B Landleven
B&B Hellevoetsluis(17.1 km from Nieuwe-Tonge)

B&B Landleven -4 tulips- is located in the municipal triangle of Hellevoetsluis, Brielle and Rockanje. The beach, sea, and among others, the recreation areas the Brielse Maas and Bernisse are all found within cycling distance.
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Bed and Breakfast Steenbergen
B&B Steenbergen(18 km from Nieuwe-Tonge)

Bed and Breakfast Steenbergen gives you the experience to stay overnight in a characteristic surroundings with all the modern comforts.Ideal for holiday and business traveller
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Monumentaal Logeren
B&B Zierikzee(18.3 km from Nieuwe-Tonge)

Havenpark 13-15 is an elegant house, situated in the old city center. During the restoration new elements were harmoniously added to the more than 450-year-old building.Two attractive rooms are equipped with a double bed or two single beds. Each...
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Pension Klaas Vaak
B&B Zierikzee(18.5 km from Nieuwe-Tonge)

Cozy B & B in the center of Zierikzee with 7 rooms, 2 family rooms. the rooms are downstairs and on the 1st and 2nd floor. Each room has a sitting area, a table, a (empty) mini fridge and a TV (cable). The guest house has a large garden wh...
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B&B Het Burgerweeshuis
B&B Zierikzee(18.6 km from Nieuwe-Tonge)

Stay overnight in the former orphanage. In the former living room we have set up a spacious guestroom. From the room you have a nice view on the royal garden. In the room you will find a sitting area with sofa and a table for reading.
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B&B Op d'n Hil
B&B Ouddorp(19 km from Nieuwe-Tonge)

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De Kievit
B&B Zierikzee(19.4 km from Nieuwe-Tonge)

Welcome to our beautiful B&B close to the sea in natural reserve ' Oosterschelde'.
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't Koetshuys
B&B Lepelstraat(20 km from Nieuwe-Tonge)

We welcome you to our Koetshuys located on a 10 hectare country estate on top of the Brabantse Wal, with views to Zeeland.De Brabantse Wal is a striking landscape in West Brabant, on the border with Zeeland and Flanders. The area is ideal for hi...
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Gastenverblijf "Waterfront"
B&B Tholen(20.6 km from Nieuwe-Tonge)

Charming guesthouse , up to 4 persons has 2 2-pers. bedrooms, living, kitchen, bathroom and glass-room. Own parking place. Walking distance to restaurants, shops and bowlingcentre. 10min drive from Oosterschelde-beach or wood. Minimal 2 nights.
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Takoda B&B Hoogvliet
B&B Hoogvliet(21 km from Nieuwe-Tonge)

Apartment complex with shared lounge / living room and dining area, kitchen, rain shower and toilet. All the trimmings in your private room. Quiet neighborhood outside the center but there is a good connection with public transport and m...
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De Schuur Inn
B&B Numansdorp(22 km from Nieuwe-Tonge)

To stay at Bed & Breakfast 'De Schuur Inn’ (The Barn Inn), is to wake up to the tranquility of one of the most beautiful dykes in Hoeksche Waard. To enjoy a delicious breakfast in the private guesthouse or, when the weather is fine, on the terrace...
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Bed & Breakfast Scharendijke
B&B Scharendijke(22.8 km from Nieuwe-Tonge)

We are located on the Grevelingenmeer and near the North Sea beach with all the possibilities for Diving, Surfing and Kite walnu Blokart, Walking, Cycling, etc. etc. Parking on site. Nice restaurants in the village about 3 min walk. Price € 18.50 ...
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Iets Anders
B&B Oostvoorne(23 km from Nieuwe-Tonge)

Deluxe B&B is located at an estate in the beautiful small town of Oostvoorne , close to dunes, sea en two recreational lakes (Oostvoornse Meer en Brielse Meer).The accommodation consists of two rooms incl. sitting-and dining area and kitchene...
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Chez Luti
B&B Oostvoorne(23.5 km from Nieuwe-Tonge)

Would you like to enjoy the beautiful surroundings on the Brielse Lake, the sandy beaches of Oostvoorne and Rockanje, or by bike? At Chez Luti we make sure you have a nice stay.
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