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Bed and Breakfast Langeraar

Roos en Ruit
B&B Leimuiden(4.7 km from Langeraar)

Welcome to Roos en Ruit, Bed & BreakfastIn the middle of the the Green Heart, at 10 km from Schiphol airport, Roos & Ruit offers you the comfort of two double rooms and one single room in a modern house.
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In den Ossewaerd
B&B De Kwakel(7.9 km from Langeraar)

´In den Ossewaerd´, an area surrounded by brooks and lakes, green pastures en flowery estates, you will find a brand new, multifunctional accommodation to stay. Located in village ´De Kwakel´, within easy access from Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam an...
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Hofstede Nooitgedacht
B&B De Kwakel(8.4 km from Langeraar)

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B&B Rijpwetering(8.7 km from Langeraar)

On our 17th century farmhouse we realised two bedrooms in a reconstructed stable each suppliedwith a bathroom ensuite, Television and coffee/ tea facilities. Between the rooms the breakfast/ livingroom for public use has been situated....
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Tuinhuis aan de Meije
B&B Bodegraven(9.7 km from Langeraar)

The Garden house is a detached cottage with private terrace by the water.From the room you have a beautiful and stunning view on Nieuwkoopse Polder.The cottage is equipped with kitchen, shower, toilet and two beds on the vide above the sitti...
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Aalsmeers B&B
B&B Aalsmeer(11.4 km from Langeraar)

Close to Schiphol, with a Van Halen and brengen.ideaal if you must schiphol early or late arrivals.
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B&B Hogervorst
B&B Aalsmeer(11.6 km from Langeraar)

Our B&B, located on the outskirts of nature reserve de Oosteinderpoel, near Schiphol airport and the arterial roads to Amsterdam and Utrecht, is suitable for both travelling for business reasons and tourists as well. The stop for the bus to Amster...
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De Zonnehoed
B&B Lisse(11.8 km from Langeraar)

Beautifully situated free-standing home where you can enjoy fabulous views.Enjoy your breakfast in a lovely garden, weather permitting.Set among the pastures, between the Keukenhof and the Kager Lakes area.The world famous flower show The Ke...
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B&B Spoelhof
B&B Boskoop(12.1 km from Langeraar)

Centrally located between the cities Gouda, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, this new B & B commissioned and built in May 2016 with bio-based materials such as lime hemp. Spoelhof stands for hospitality in a beautiful natural place, with respect ...
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Floriande Bed & Breakfast
B&B Hoofddorp(14 km from Langeraar)

The accommodation is situated in a nice and peaceful area and have own parking places. There is a small shopping center in the neighborhood. The accommodation is 20 minutes drive from the schiphol airport. There is a bus stop at 500 mtrs.
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B&B Merenwijk
B&B Leiden(14.1 km from Langeraar)

Our B&B is located on the outskirts of Leiden in a quiet, green location. An excellent bus service is run to the city centre and the main station with buses running every 15 min. The bus stop is only a few minutes walk away. trainstation 2 km.
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Logeren aan de Rijn
B&B Nieuwerbrug aan den Rijn(14.6 km from Langeraar)

Staying on the Rhine is located on the Old Rhine in Nieuwerbrug, in the middle of the Green Heart. Within walking distance of several good restaurants, and the only toll bridge in the Netherlands. You have a private entrance to the property. Your ...
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Huize Dina
B&B Hillegom(15.5 km from Langeraar)

Upper and lower floor of a distinctively separate house in the bulb region between Hillegom and Lisse. Both above and below 4 Beds Even as whole books for a total of 8 beds. Separate shower and toilet.
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Bed & Breakfast 'Pax Tibi'
B&B Reeuwijk(15.5 km from Langeraar)

At Bed & Breakfast Pax Tibi 'you can take it easy, relax, and enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of the grasslands and water in a historic ambience. There are six luxerious comfortable rooms, attractivitely furnished and each with its own bathroom.
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Het Vogelhuis
B&B Leiden(16.4 km from Langeraar)

Very popular B&B just outside the center of Leiden in a beautiful green and quiet area. Near Leiden CS, Bio-science park, Naturalis, University and LUMC. Free parking in front of the house. Beaches are easy to reach by bicycle and bus.
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The Cottage
B&B Noordwijkerhout(16.8 km from Langeraar)

B&B the cottage is an appartement on his own. Close to the dunes and sea. Very nice for a walk or biking.During springtime it is in the middle of the flowering bulbs. 7 km from Keukenhof.The cities Leiden and Haarlem are on a distance of 15 ...
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B&B de Dijk
B&B Rijnsburg(17.6 km from Langeraar)

Quietly located luxury B&B with two rooms.Each room has its own shower and toilet.You can park your car on private property.0031 6 51 37 31 35
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B&B Noordwijk aan Zee(19.1 km from Langeraar)

Our B & B is located in Noordwijk aan Zee, within walking distance of the beach and dunes. From our B & B can be an easy way to make trips to the Keukenhof, Amsterdam, The Hague and Leiden. Soldier of Orange is from our B & B is 5 km away. Noordwi...
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B&B City Villa the Garden
B&B Amsterdam(19.1 km from Langeraar)

What makes my house so wonderful is the peace it gives you to absorb all the impressions of the day in the city centre. The best of both worlds, the dynamics of the city and the peacefulness of the green around it.Two bedrooms are at your disp...
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Huize De vier Heemskinderen
B&B Noordwijk aan Zee(19.3 km from Langeraar)

Bed and Breakfast, 5 minutes from the beach,free parkingfour rooms with single and double beds
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B&B Noordwijk aan Zee(19.4 km from Langeraar)

Enjoy the beach in Noordwijk! Come and stay in our cozy apartment Sea Breeze! Suitable for 1-4 persons. Quiet located and at walking distance from beach and dunes, boulevard, shops and restaurants. Free parking. Near Keukenhof, Leiden, The Hague e...
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Landgoed Logies Louisehoeve
B&B Linschoten(19.4 km from Langeraar)

B&B Louisehoeve.Welcome to the country life.Nestled in the green heart of Holland in Linschoten nearby Utrecht lays the Louisehoeve, a farm from 1602 and part of the historical and beautiful Estate Linschoten. The former stables and cheese...
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Joy B&B
B&B Noordwijk aan Zee(19.5 km from Langeraar)

Our B&B is situated in a Landlord House with 2 rooms Shower and Toilet. About 200 mtrs from the beach, dunes, restaurants and promenade. Keukenhof is about 14 km from our B&B. Amsterdam, The Haque, Leiden and Delft are easily reachable.
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Violet's B&B
B&B Noordwijk aan Zee(19.6 km from Langeraar)

We offer two accommodations. 1 apartment located in our house on the top floor, only the entrance is shared. We also offer a "beach house" which is located behind our house, with its own entrance.
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