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Bed and Breakfast Broekoord

B&B Lutjebroek(5.7 km from Broekoord)

Featuring free WiFi, Viola offers accommodation in a former bakery in Lutjebroek, 42 ​​km from Amsterdam. The cities of the historic triangle - Hoorn, Medemblik and Enkhuizen - are 6 km away. Free parking is available on site.There are 4 rooms...
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Bed and Breakfast Ferienzimmer...
B&B Medemblik(6.1 km from Broekoord)

We are renting quiet, comfortable rooms next to the water. All are equipped with warm water hand - basin, coloured TV, coffee machine and crockery. Microwave and refrigerator can be commonly used.According to your wish breakfast will be served...
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B&B Enkhuizen(6.6 km from Broekoord)

Our B&B was completed in February 2015; has a surface area of 40 m2 and is located about 1 km from the center of Enkhuizen. In the B&B you have a beautiful view on the garden. Guests have a private terrace on the water. And a private entrance.
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Bij Carla
B&B Enkhuizen(6.7 km from Broekoord)

You will find B & B Bij Carla on the outskirts of Enkhuizen. Between the Enkhuizer Zand, a recreation resort on the IJsselmeer and the Koperwiekplein shopping center. Both not far from the historical center of the city, where the train station is ...
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B&B ZusenZomer
B&B Oostwoud(7.5 km from Broekoord)

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'n Kat aan 't Rad
B&B Enkhuizen(7.6 km from Broekoord)

The origin, Guildhall of beer carriers, we appropriately reconstructed to meet current living standards for themselves.The property is located in the widely beloved, Boerenhoek, in the old town of EnkhuizenThis is a must for those who love pea...
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Bij de Buren
B&B Enkhuizen(7.9 km from Broekoord)

Private entrance, private bathroom and lovely bedroom with box spring for 2 people. Nice roofterrace. And our B&B is in the centre of Enkhuizen, within walking distance of all attractions.Ijsselmeer, restaurants and all the shops are nearby too!...
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B&B Oostwoud
B&B Oostwoud(7.9 km from Broekoord)

Our B&B is located in Oostwoud. The front of our house is rented out to guests. The guest house has a private entrance.There are two large rooms, a bathroom and a complete kitchen, to cook your own meal. Also suitable for guests with disabilities.
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Aan de Haven
B&B Enkhuizen(8.1 km from Broekoord)

Our luxurious Bed & Breakfast is located on a quiet spot in the city of Enkhuizen. The room is on the ground floor. There is an en-suite with tub, shower, toilet and dubble handbasin. There is a dubble bed, sitting corner, dining area and garden....
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Tuinkamer Enkhuizen
B&B Enkhuizen(8.1 km from Broekoord)

Beautiful room overlooking the backyard and just a minute away from the railway station. We hope to meet you and have you enjoy our hospitality.
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B&B Hemel aan Zee
B&B Venhuizen(8.1 km from Broekoord)

Our B&B Hemel aan Zee (4 km from Enkhuizen) offers you rest, space, nature, with beach access for swimming, (kite)surf with terrific views over the lake and reclaimed land. Situated along the Zuiderzee cycle and walking long distance path.
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Bed and Breakfast Opperdoes
B&B Opperdoes(8.4 km from Broekoord)

The 5 guesthouses are located behind the stool and have their own entrance so much privacy.-2 x room (up to 4 persons) 40m²-1 x Family room (up to 4 persons) 40m²-1 x Apartment with kitchen (up to 6 people) 75m²-1 x Sleeper loft (up to 1...
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Het Twiscker Huys
B&B Twisk(8.9 km from Broekoord)

At about 5 minutes from Medemblik lies the beautiful village of Twisk.Our B & B is located in a farmers mansion from around 1900 on the Dorpsweg.We make the style room available for our guests.Ensuite a large bathroom with bath, walk-in ...
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B&B Onder 't Riet
B&B Blokker(11.9 km from Broekoord)

B& B "Unther the sheer" is a splendidly restored beautiful old West-Fries farmhouse.On the beautiful attick are the rooms with xl-beds (boxspring), cosy sittingplace, tv and hairdryer.Wifi.Downstairs luxuary kitchen. Free use of bikes.
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De Koningshoeve
B&B Blokker(12.2 km from Broekoord)

The King Farm is located on the ribbon development of Blokker (avg. horn). Near Horn on the IJsselmeer. The city has a historic center that tells the history of the VOC. From The Koningshoeve you can easily visit some beautiful historical places (...
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Nelly's B&B
B&B Wijdenes(12.9 km from Broekoord)

Countryside B&B within walking distance of het IJsselmeer. Directly on one of the most popular walking and cycling routes "het Zuiderzeepad". A perfect location for walking and cycling.Nelly's B&B - where your stay goes beyond "just sleeping".
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Huize Weltevree
B&B Schellinkhout(13.5 km from Broekoord)

Sleeping well is a must, so we did not save on the bed; a great mattrass, comfortable duvet of our own alpacas and sufficient length for tall guests.
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B&B Slapen aan het IJsselmeer
B&B Stavoren(18.1 km from Broekoord)

Bed and breakfast, Friesland, Stavoren, beautiful wide view of the IJsselmeer in your own stylish and comfortable 2 room apartment (for 2-4 people). Incl. private bathroom, spacious living-room, bedroom,kitchen, parking, breakfast served upon requ...
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In de Hortensiatuin
B&B Westerland(23.9 km from Broekoord)

A B & B room rent, enjoy the outdoors and have the luxury of a house, which can in our B & B stay at the former island Wieringen. Our B & B is new and has all the luxury of a private house with own entrance and terrace, it has 2 bedrooms, a large ...
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