Where can I find the best B&B offers?


How do I make a reservation? How do I know whether my reservation is permanent? I have not yet received an answer to my reservation request. doesn't mediate in reservations. B&B owners are responsible for the handling of reservation requests themselves. It is possible that your reservation request escaped the attention of the B&B owner or that something else has gone wrong. We recommend the following:
  • Check the spam or unwanted e-mail folder in your e-mail program. It is possible that the answer of the B&B owner accidentally ended up in this folder.
  • Try to reach the B&B by telephone. Often, the telephone number is mentioned on the presentation page.
  • If this doesn't help, we advice you to make a request at another B&B.


What is included in the price? Do I need to make a downpayment?


Can I cancel my reservation free of costs?


How can I fill out a review? I made a reservation through but I did not receive a review form. Why is that?
Which guide lines does a review have to meet?

Other questions

Where can I find information about B&B's for sale? How can I offer a property for sale as bed & breakfast?

Google Street View

What is Google Street View? How does Google Street View work?