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Pokoje gościnne - Jadwiga Łopata, Stryszów,
Pokoje gościnne - Jadwiga Łopata
Nad Motlawa, Gdańsk, Apartment
Nad Motlawa
the Morningstar, Zdroisko, the Morningstar
the Morningstar
Pure Poland, Janowice Wielkie, Boerderij Pure Poland
Pure Poland
Janowice Wielkie

Bed and breakfast Bed en Breakfast Poland │B&B│ Boek bij Bed & Breakfast Europe

Bed and Breakfast in Poland

If you’d like to visit Poland, plan your holiday now! There is so much to experience in this big country that you’ll probably run out of time. Choose a bed & breakfast, lodge or inn and get to know genuine Polish hospitality.

Bed & Breakfast in Warsaw

The capital Warsaw was virtually levelled by bombing in World War II, after which repairs returned it to its original state. This was so successful that the inner city is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Attractions here include the Royal Castle and the Warsaw Historical Museum. The Royal Way (Szlak Królewski) connects the old city centre with new parts of the city. It’s a great route for a walk! Find out why composer Chopin had a soft spot for Warsaw by visiting the museum named after him. When he died, his heart was sealed inside one of the columns of the Holy Cross Church. Its international-themed restaurants and ultramodern shopping centres give this city a cosmopolitan feel. If you’ve had enough of shopping and cultural activities, end your day in style with a shot of vodka from a bar.

Bed and Breakfast in Krakow

Krakow is an energetic student city with a lively party scene. Hundreds of bars? Check! Trendy clubs? Check! You can wander along the streets of Krakow with a cup of Starbucks coffee just like people do in New York City. Rest your weary legs at a café on the main square, called Rynke Glówny. The Cloth Hall is located here, where you’ll undoubtedly find great souvenirs of the city. Nearby is the baroque-style Church of St. Anne, designed by Dutch-born architect Tielman van Gameren. If you’d like to visit the cathedral and the royal palace (Wawel Castle) where former kings were crowned, you’ll have to climb the Wawel Hill. This is also home to the dragon’s den, the best-known cave in Poland, where a terrifying medieval dragon apparently lived. Many tourists also visit the former Auschwitz extermination camp, now a museum, located around 70 km from Krakow.

B&B in Zakopane

Zakopane is a town at the foot of the famous Tatra Mountains. It’s a great base from which to explore this mountain range. During the winter, you can go skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing, or you could take a ride in a horse or dog sleigh and enjoy the wintery scenes. In the summer, go on hikes or go mountain biking, white-water rafting or horse-riding. Zakopane has everything else necessary for an enjoyable holiday, including restaurants, cafés, a theatre, shops and cosy inns.

Bed and Breakfast in Masuria

Masuria is a stunning lake district in northeast Poland. It is also known as the ‘land of a thousand lakes’. The largest lakes are Mamry, Śniardwy and Niegocin. The area can be explored by sailboat, canoe, bicycle or car, and enjoying nature tops the list here!If you’d like to experience some culture, visit the city of Gdansk on the Baltic Sea. You will notice traces of Dutch architectural styles in this historic Hanseatic city. It is still relatively undiscovered and is therefore ideal for people who like something different.

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We could spend many more hours telling you about the many sights in beautiful Poland. But you simply need to experience them for yourself. Go on a fantastic journey of discovery and don’t delay booking your ticket and your accommodation in a lovely B&B, inn or lodge in Poland. Have a great holiday!