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Akureyri Apartments
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Guesthouse Vestri-gardsauki

Bed and breakfast in Iceland

Holiday at a Bed and Breakfast in Iceland

Iceland is an up-and-coming holiday destination. You won’t find a place with as many contracts, which range from glaciers to bubbling sulphur springs and from rugged coastal cliffs to moonscapes. And don’t forget that it has the largest and most stunning waterfalls in Europe! This one-of-a-kind little island is just a few hours away by air, but seems like a totally different world. Add the friendly local population and the trendy city of Reykjavik and you’ll understand why it is so popular. For a fun and affordable stay, choose a bed and breakfast, hostel or guesthouse in Iceland.

Bed and Breakfast in Reykjavik

Your Iceland holiday won’t be complete without a visit to Reykjavik. The Iceland capital is home to fewer than 200,000 residents, so it has a cosy atmosphere. Many of its sights, shops, restaurants and bars are within walking distance of one another, meaning that it’s possible to see a lot in a short period of time. Make sure that you take a dip in the Blue Lagoon, a lovely hot geothermic ‘spa’ for the ultimate wellness experience. Also have a look at the futuristic Harpa Concert Hall and the Hallgrimskirkja church. Its design was based on the Svartifoos waterfall. It’s incredible! If you don’t have time for a long holiday, book a short city tour instead.

B&B in the golden triangle

The golden triangle consists of the Thingvellir National Park, the Geysir and Strokkur geysers and the Gullfoss waterfall. Make absolutely sure that you see the Geysir erupt, because it is a fantastic sight. The Stokkur geyser erupts every ten minutes. To many, the Gullfloss waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland, especially when the sun is out. Perhaps the resulting rainbow is prettier than the waterfall itself! Keep in mind that Icelandic weather is very unpredictable. So don’t worry if dark clouds threaten rain, because the sun might shine brightly again within half an hour. To be safe, take both a raincoat and sun cream.

Bed & Breakfast in Husavik

The town of Husavik in the north is renowned for its whale safaris. Boat excursions are around half a day long and, if you’re lucky, you could spot between ten and twenty different whale species. There is a great chance of success in the summer, and this is why Husavik is known as Europe’s whale-watching capital. Make sure that you take a camera and warm clothing. If the weather is really poor, the crew can supply blankets and coats.

Bed and Breakfast in the Iceland interior

An expedition through the uninhabited Icelandic interior is a real challenge for adventurous travellers. The roads are unpaved and are only accessible for a few months of the year, so a 4×4 vehicle is essential. You’ll also have to cross many rivers. However, the feeling of absolute solitude and the astonishing landscape will make it all worthwhile. What’s more, you may see the Northern Lights during the winter – an absolutely unforgettable experience.

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